Dog Allergies and Treatments

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Take your dog for a walk and play with him every day

I can’t express how important for you to walk your dog every day.  It will not only do him a world of good and help keep him healthy but it just might save your life too!

You probably have a big yard and don’t think that your dog needs exercise but a walk is more than exercise to a dog .

Dog’s live in packs.  When they don’t have a pack they adopt the family as his pack.  You will have to be the alpha dog in this pack or your dog will get away with murder!

Taking him on a walk on a leash will simulate running with the pack.

He needs to smell every scent and probably mark his scent along the way.  He needs to run with the pack (that would be you) and he needs to obey you.

He is checking our his territory and needs to do this for his self esteem and mental health.  I’m not kidding here.  This is all true.  Ask any good dog expert.

So do both of you a favor and go “run with the pack”.

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