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Hot Spots and your dog

There are so many different reasons a dog can get hot spots but usually it is an allergic reaction to an allergen.

My dog who has terrible stomach problems has never had a hot spot.

My other dog who never gets sick has hot spots that are present for over two years. Some say certain shampoos can cause the hot spots but that sounds like an allergic reaction to me.  I think food allergies can cause hot spots and also an immune system that isn’t working as well as it should.

I talked to my family doctor and he said to try the dandruff shampoos on the market.  It wouldn’t hurt the dog and it just might help.

Treatment and Prevention

Prevention is the key to hot spots.  Once you find out what causes the hot spots don’t let them come back.  If it be food allergy or a particular soap or flea product, don’t use them again.

Cairn Terriers, West Highland White Terriers and Scotties seem to get hot spots easily.
If it is an allergy, ask your vet the best procedure you should take to keep those hot spots away.


I find vacuuming often to get rid of allergens in the house helps a lot.

In the Spring time I often take a wash cloth and wipe down my dogs to get the pollen off the body of the dog.

If your dog will not stop scratching, my vet has said I can use a very small dose of allergy medication like Allerest or other over the counter medication.  Ask your vet how much to use because a little dog will need much less than a big dog.

Bathing is very important because grooming is key to keeping the dog dry and clean.  Find a very soothing shampoo, often called dog medicated shampoos that have avocado oil or oatmeal in the product.  Avoderm and Oatmeal Shampoos are good ones.

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