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Medication and Treatment of dog sores

This includes treatment of dog sores on the belly, tail, legs, mouth and under the legs.

  • Sore on dogs
  • Scabs under the tail and belly

Dog sores are areas of hair loss with very red skin that is moist and oozing puss.  Often the skin developes sores that will be cover with scabs .

T he dog will exhibit scratching and licking of the areas of sores, often making them worse and causing them to spread.

These can be painful skin infections that often ooze pus from the area of the sore.

This can often end up as a chronic condition as with my dog.  My Veternarian told me the best way to treat the condition is to shave the hair from the sores so that they could dry out.

I have found that treating each sore is essential because they can spread so quickly.

So this is the routine I use to keep the sores under control.

I cut the hair from around the scab.  I wash the area with a vet approved anti-bacterial shampoo with medicine in the soap.  I let the scabs soften and then gently pull them off .

It is very important to wash each sore and then disinfect it with hydrogen peroxide.  Don’t use alcohol because this will be too painful.

I then use what my vet has prescribed, usually Panalog or Dermavet, and place some on each sore.

Do this twice each day and if you have to put on a Elizabethan collar or hold your dog on a towel so he does not lick the mediation off the sore.

Butadiene can help. After a week, you should see a marked improvement .


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