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Research Analysis Essay On Animal Farm

In his novel, Animal Farm, George Orwell shows the reader how people in control use propaganda and misinformation to manipulate lower social classes. This is clearly displayed when Napoleon hypocritically breaks the 7 commandments that he originally creates and enforces. Overall, the pigs use the illiteracy of the other animals to their advantage, as Squealer changes the commandment against sleeping in beds to one against sleeping in a bed with sheets. He then attempts to gaslight the other animals when they first notice as he questions "you did not suppose, surely, that there was ever a ruling against beds?" This shows how the pigs use their knowledge as power against the other animals. They are able to change the commandments for their advantage without the other animals noticing immediately. The pigs make certain that the pigs are the only animals that stay educated, allowing only piglets to go to school. Orwell writes of the 31 piglets, "a schoolroom would be built in the farmhouse garden. For the time being, the young pigs were given their instruction by Napoleon himself". This allows them to be the only ones with the information and schooling to be able to read and communicate with humans. Both of these factors keep the pigs in power, allowing them to keep the other animals under their control. Another instance of the pigs using language as power continues when Napoleon uses his ability to communicate with humans for his own benefit. In chapter seven, he forces the hens to give up their eggs for a profit "One Sunday morning Squealer announced that the hens, who had just come in to lay again, must surrender their eggs.". In chapter eight, he conducts trade with humans. "Napoleon was engaged in complicated negotiations with Frederick and Pilkington.".These examples outright break the first commandment written by Napoleon. They also demonstrate how he shows no empathy for the other animals, making them give up their unborn children so he may make money. Overall, Animal Farm is an excellent representation of what happens when those with power are able to manipulate those less educated or easily prone to propaganda.
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