Dog Allergies and Treatments

Poisons and weed killers are also found in flea medications dog1

Dogs can be Allergic to flea medication, grass and weeds.

There are also poisons in the sprays you are using in your garden and home. All of these and more can cause death.

I would be very careful with pesticides or weed killers that you may use in your yard.  Twice my dog has walked over grass in the neighborhood and gotten weed killer on his paws, then returned home and settled down to groom himself.  The gardeners had taken the poison signs down after one day, even though the week killer was still active.

I was told this by a neighbor who saw them spray the pesticide and then leave the flags up for only one day.  My dog licked his feet and became sick.

Now when I walk him on the grass I wash his feet in the bathtub to make sure no weed killer remains.  So far this has worked rather well.

I have noticed that every time I give my dog Advantage flea medication, he becomes sick and will not eat.

Even the smallest amount I put on his skin causes him to be ill from allergies.

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Let me also say that if you have a sick dog the first thing you must do is visit the vet and find out what is wrong. It could be something so serious that a change in diet will not help. Be safe and sure.

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