Dog Allergy

Dog Allergies and the quality of life of your pet - get the facts on pet allergy and have a happier pet.

Keep your dog from suffering from pet allergies

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Dog Allergies - types - causes & treatments.
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Dog allergy friends
Portraits by Lorri in water color or oil on canvas
Find out more about dog allergies and pet food allergy
Do the very best for your pet and give him good nutrition
Food allergies can be stopped when you can make in your home from ingredients from your grocery store

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Pet Portraits
Fine art pet portraits painted in oils from your favorite photos.

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Hand-painted portraits of pets and family from photos by
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Commercial pet food was causing pet allergies

homemade pet food recipes

Food For pets, Designed To Promote a Healthy nutritious life

Pets and their feet.  Problems, solutions, medications and care.

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