Dog Allergies and Treatments

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Homemade Dog Food so that you know exactly what your dog is eating

I cook for my dogs and they are happier and their coats look shiny, healthy and thick since I’ve been making homemade dog food.

Cooking homemade dog food for your dog is not hard to do. There are many free dog food recipes on the web.  There are even books written on the subject but beware of the e-books that promise too much and that your dog will die if you don’t use their books.  These are scams to get your money when you can go to your local book store and get a better and more well written book for less money.

If your dog has dog allergies, you will want to feed your dog organic food as I hope you are eating the same kind.  You can feed them the same food you feed your family just remember to never feed your dogs sugar, onions or garlic.

Sugar will cause their teeth to decay because in the wild a dog is never given the chance to ear sugar.

Onions and garlic break down a dog's red blood cells, leading to anemia and possible kidney failure from leaking hemoglobin.  Many people think it’s OK to feed a dog garlic to get rid of worms but it does have a cumulative affect on their kidneys.

Some of the ingredients you should use in your homemade dog food are protein, rice, bone meal, vitamins for dogs, chicken, turkey or beef without the hormones. And don’t forget the water.  Please give yourself and your pets filtered water.  There are hormones and drugs in our water system and none of us need these chemicals and drugs in our bodies.

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