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Hypoallergenic Dog Food

I am constantly reviewing dog food.

My main scientist is my dog.  If he throws it up or feels unwell, the bag goes back to the store where they refund my money.  If there is not a refund policy on the bag of dog food you are buying, DON’T BUY IT!

If your dog has sensitivities to dog food, try Hypoallergenic Dog Food.

Since your dog can be allergic to many of the ingredients in the chain dog foods – any of the major ingredients, preservatives, colorings, flavorings, or any of the  of chemicals (even natural chemicals like vitamin C) - that go into the ingredients of the dog food, you would  need to start giving your pet a diet that has no allergy-causing foods and chemicals.

HypoAllergenic Dog Food Your Vet Might Will Not Tell You About

and I’ll tell you why.  Because he has a waiting room full of dog food that he marks up by as much as 50% to sell to you.  I finally got fed up with his pushing of this food.  I went to a specialty shop and as my dog as scientist, we tried each food.

Number one on my list is Innova dog food.

Flint River Ranch Lamb/Millet/Rice formula is a hypoallergenic dog food that is often mentioned as excellent for dogs with allergies but it’s no good.  Don’t bother.

Avoderm hypoallergenic dog food is manufactured by Breeder’s Choice Pet Foods and I like their other products, like their shampoos but it’s sold in any old pet shop and my dog throws it up.

ACANA Pet Foods hypoallergenic dog food is manufactured by Champion Pet Foods in Canada.  Yeah, right.  I’m going to buy a Canadian dog food when we all know by now that they import wheat from China who has no rules on pesticides in their wheat.  My goodness, they even feed the children of their own country poisoned milk products.  Say no to this one too.

Pinnacle hypoallergenic dog food is 100% allergen free, according to the manufacturer, Breeder’s Choice Pet Foods). It also contains essential probiotics, vitamins and minerals to keep your dog’s food allergies at bay. You can select any of their variety of dry dog foods. It is available in pet stores, online shopping stores, and sometimes even grocery stores. Pinnacle rates highly with users. According to people who used it, the only problems they had were resolved on changing the flavor to suit the dog’s needs.

Orijen dog food is another hypoallergenic food prepared by Champion Pet Foods. It’s Canadian.  Don’t buy it.

Canidae dog food is also made of natural ingredients. This food is pretty good  for healthy skin and hair, although it does sometimes cause  dogs to develop stomach upsets. Use the lamb and rice or the chicken and rice varieties. If your dog does well on Canidae dog food it could be a good choice.

Go! Natural hypoallergenic dog food is available in different types for you to choose from depending on your dog’s allergies. Now! variety is not only grain-free but also free of meat by-products and contains additional enzymes and probiotics for a healthy dog. Manufactured in Canada.

Remember, when we talk of food allergy, the dog can be allergic to a whole food item or just a part of that food item (a particular element of that food item). If one type of food does not suit your dog, try another flavor before you decide to change the brand itself.

Whichever hypoallergenic dog food you choose, make sure it is one that does not contain chemical preservatives and uses quality protein and carbohydrate sources, making it less likely for your pet to react to the food. You may find that simply changing your pet's protein and carbohydrate sources will alleviate allergic reactions.

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