Food Allergies can be avoided if you can find kibble with organic ingredients.

finding a good dog food for allergies can be difficult - you just have to read the labels and remember the first ingredient should be "chicken" "lamb" or "Salmon", in other words, it should not say chicken meal or any kind of meal.

If you start feeding hypoallergenic ingredients to your dog and he responds well to it, will you begin to see an improvement in your dog coat and his food allergies .

Nutrients are so important

Not all commercial food is hypoallergenic  - get the facts, read the labels  and eliminate canine food allergies from your dogs diet.

When we talk about meat that is intended for canine consumption, what you don't know is that diseased meat and offal, including the intestines, skin, feathers, feet, chicken heads are all processed into “meal” and sold to the dog food companies.

It is perfectly legal for a beef rancher who has had cows die from disease pile them up in a mound and wait a few days, while they rot, until the meat company comes by to buy it and then process it into dog food.  Pretty awful, right?  This is what causes dog food allergies, but it is legal.

It wouldn't surprise me at all that ingredients known to cause dog food allergies are kept in dog food for just that purpose.

When you go to the vet and he advises you to feed your dog his pet food that is only available by prescription, he is making a big profit on the markup of this food.

Dog food allergies is a big business!  Commercial dog food causes it and then the vet who is getting $$ for selling it is making money.  Tell me that there is not a connection there.

Also in dog food are chemical preservatives. Two of the most used are BHA and BHT for the preservation of fat.

These two compounds can cause liver and kidney damage, yet for years these products were incorporated into baby foods. Many countries have banned their use and importation.

BHA and BHT were on the GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) list because there were no known negative effects to the body of humans and animals.

In 1991, these two chemicals were removed from the "GRAS" list, but some pet food companies are still using them in their products.

What we should be feeding our pet is hypoallergenic foods from sources we trust. Where is the best place to get these hypoallergenic foods?  Right in your kitchen.  With a few recipes and a little extra hard work you can feed your pet and he can live a healthier life without allergies.

I should first warn you against using grain. corn or wheat from any source that is not hypoallergenic or organic.  Some recipes do have wheat or corn in them but if you make sure they are organic then I think you will be OK.

When you start to feed your dog a new diet be sure to introduce it gradually.  I gave my dog some broccoli last night and the next day his poop was like water.  Feed the new food little by little and in time, his body will become accustomed to the new food.  BTW, broccoli is extremely high in antioxidants and will help prevent cancer!  I think I'll go have some myself!

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