Dogs with allergies.

Dogs with Allergies can be related to many different substances in the very room you sit; and that doesn’t even include microscopic substances in the air.

If you have a dogs with allergies, please have him checked by a Vet.

But if your Vet tells you that your pet has dog allergies, then I encourage you to read on.

Dogs with allergies can get them from pollen, dust mites, trees, weeds, mold spores, even dander! Tiny allergen creating creatures live in all of our homes, in carpets, beds and other soft furnishings.  It is these tiny unseen  particles that contain the troublesome allergies. Read more about dogs with allergies in your home .

Dogs with allergies? Food Allergies


Dog with allergies account for 35% of vet visits and are so common that pet food manufacturers have invested millions of dollars in research, development, promotion and delivery of antigen specific diets to help in the cure of dogs with  allergies. More on dog food allergies.