Dog Allergies and Treatments

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One flea on a dog can cause allergies to flare up.

Flea, Ticks and Mite bites can cause your dog to scratch until it makes you crazy!

But just think how the dog feels!  Always itchy always scratching, biting his back and feet and even his legs.

If your dog is happily wandering around the house with not a care in the world and stops in his tracks and starts biting his back in a frenzy, then you can be sure it’s a flea .

You can find a great tool called (what else?) flea combs help you deal with flea allergies a fleas comb and can be purchased at your vets office or local pet shop.

Along with regular brushing a bath once a week is needed for control fleas.

Buy a good flea medicated shampoo (ask your vet) and bath your dog with it while being careful not to get it into his eyes.

If you suspect fleas in the house my vet gave me some carpet spray so that I could treat the carpet too.  I also washed all the bedding and blankets and toys my dogs play or sleep with.

You have to be vigilant all through the summer months to control fleas.   Where I live there are many dogs, fleas are common problem in this area. You have to be vigilant in treating skin dog allergies .

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