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Allergies and Dog Food Allergies

If you’ve ever had a dog with allergies you know just how difficult it is to identify and deal with allergies.

Your dog may be allergic to food , commercial pet feed, allergens, toxic cleaners, fleas and other pests.

There are pets that never have problems with allergies because they are eating the family dinner that was prepared fresh and not out of a can (who knows what's in that can) or a bag (full of Mc Donald's used grease and preservatives) or a pouch (more preservatives, colorings, fake flavorings).

Would you like your pet to be healthy and live a longer life?

Make his food for him. Yeah I know, not always convenient is it?

But are you going to believe the dog food industry? The industry that buys it's fillers (corn, wheat (from China) chicken meal (feathers, feet, intestines, ick!) from slaughter houses which have processed dead and diseased cattle.

Bodies that have lain in the ranchers yard for days in huge piles waiting for the wagon to drag them by the hooves into their death wagon. It makes me sick to think about it.  Read More about diet here

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