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Dog Articles

Choosing a good vet for your dog
One of the most crucial and important of decisions a pet-parent makes it that of choosing a vet. It is the vet who will understand your pet when he gets ill and care enough to practice what is now popular as preventive health care.

Dog obedience training
Dog obedience training is a two way communication system. However, what you must understand is that what is obvious to you might not be obvious to your dog, and a certain amount of understanding is necessary before it is achieved acceptably to both parties.

Puppies are born with round worms
Nearly every puppy in the world is born with roundworms. This is because the roundworms larvae are transmitted from the mother to the puppy while it is still in the womb. A female dog can harbor roundworms in her tissue, often making them immune to de-wormings.

Ringworms or ring worms in dogs
Ringworm is one of the most common diseases in pets, especially dogs. Unlike its name, Ringworm is not a worm but fungi called Dermatophytes that thrives on dead tissues present on skin surface and follows circular path to spread infection.

Crating your dog is a good thing to do and here’s why
A dog crate is basically used to restrict or confine the movement of a dog but there is more to it than that. If you trained your dog especially when it is still a puppy, the crate is going to be its own home or den where it will go to when it needs to rest or sleep or even to have some sense of security.

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