Dog Allergies and Treatments

Dog Skin Allergies Symptoms

Skin Allergies often shows itself in the first two years.

Dog skin allergy symptoms include rashes, bumps, hives, very itchy skin, scratching constantly, rubbing the face often, chewing on their legs and/or frequently chewing on their paws.

Others will have red, inflamed ears, and/or frequent ear, bacterial and yeast infections may occur.

What has happened to our meet food supply that most of the allergies come from meat that dogs have eaten for hundreds of years?

There is a long list of causes of skin allergies in dogs. First we must look at the diet of your dog. According to veterinary allergists, animal protein can be an allergen.

Since when? Some of our pets are allergic to beef, some to chicken, turkey. The animal protein most seem to do well on is duck, rabbit and salmon.  If you wonder why they are not as allergic to these three meat sources can be easily explained. I was talking to my vet yesterday and we were discussing how very much better my dog was doing on a new kibble I had tried.  It had no beef, no chicken, no lamb no corn and no wheat.

Why would those proteins cause allergic reactions?  All beef, chicken and lamb go to the slaughter house.  It is there that the different meats are sorted into groups and then processed. We’ve all heard about the hormones they inject all cattle with and the monstrous conditions in the slaughter houses.  Meat is recalled on a regular basis when it is tested and found to have contaminants in them. Health inspectors go to the slaughter houses and randomly test.  What about all the meat that does not see the hawk eye of the tester? brownspot3

Dog Allergies types, causes & cures for the pet that suffers from food, skin or environmental allergy.
If you have a pet with dog allergies you know just how difficult it is to deal with all that scratching and itching - you don’t know if it’s an environmental allergy or food allergies and you don’t know what to do about it -  It is so frustrating.

Dog Allergies and Hypoallergenic foods, Vet prescribed pet food, costly allergy tests, special supplements, pet vitamins and the list goes on and on and I have found that commercial dog food is often the culprit when it comes to pet allergy.  What should you do when and if your vet tells you it is an allergy?  You must first find out what he’s allergic to.  It could be so many different allergens in your home.  Your dog may be allergic to food, commercial pet food, shampoos, toxic cleaners, fleas and other pests.

If your dog has skin allergies it is usually something in your environment. You should check to see if you have anything toxic in your home, like detergents, floor cleaner (if your dog licks the floor he might be getting toxins on his feet then when he licks his feet it is ingested).


What about outdoors? Do you spray the grass with weed killers? Do you apply other chemicals to the areas around the house?  Just like you and I, our pets can have an allergic reactions to many substances in our homes.  My dog likes to get into everything.  Especially flower beds.  Now we all know that people love their flowers and don’t want weeds in among them.  What’s really toxic?  Weed killer!  Be careful there isn’t any weed killer in any area that you walk your dog.


My niece called to tell me that her cat died in her arms.  The next door neighbor had left some antifreeze in a can and her cat drank some of it.  It tastes good to a cat and she died a horrible death from poisoning.  You just can’t be too careful with your animals.

Deadly chemicals are all over the place.  Every single piece of plastic in our homes and elsewhere contains carcinogens.  We store our food in them, we drink from them and we cook in them.  America is 38th in the world in life span.  That is terrible!  So please be vigilant and take care with your pet.  If it was my world I would ban anything plastic and cart my glass bottles to the store and get them filled with whatever food I needed.  This country is just too lazy.  Fast food, fast life, fast lane, early death.  Who needs it?

I bought a new throw blanket the other day and did not wash it before placing it on the sofa.  I saw that my dog started itching.  I read up o it and practically all textiles have had sizing (chemicals) so they appear prettier in the package.  They look fluffy and the colors are brighter.  That’s because of the chemicals used to enhance the beauty of the product.  Wash everything!  Lots of these chemicals have been know to cause cancer.


Just take a look at any canned food label and see if corn or wheat doesn't present itself as the first ingredient (and therefore the biggest percentage of all the ingredients in the commercial pet food your are paying a lot of money for) in the list of what's in the dog  kibble you are buying.

Canines in the wild do not eat corn or wheat, so they don’t get dog allergies.  Yet these two grains are often the main ingredient in commercial pet food.

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