Dog infections of the ear, if not treated can cause loss of hearing.

Dog infections in canine ears can be very serious.  Check your dogs ears about once a week to look for these signs of ear infections. ear infections are common with dogs that have lots of hair in their ears

Infections can begin with a slightly reddened ear that your pooch just will not stop scratching, often times taking a minute out to smell the foot.  If you see this kind of behavior check your dog’s ear.  See if there are any crusty patches, or sores in the ear.  Is there an odor?  There should be none.  Gently wipe away the built up wax and flaky sores.  Wash the area with a antibacterial soap for canines.  Be sure not to get any down the ear canal.

Take your dog to the vet.  After the vet visit the doctor will prescribe some ear ointment that will clear up the problem really quite quickly.  But you must not stop the treatment too soon or the problem will just come back again.

Apply medication the vet has given you as often and for long as he decides the medicine should be applied.

Usually these conditions clear up quite quickly with Derma Vet or the other types of medications your vet will prescribe.  Loss of hearing can sometimes be caused by ear problems that are not treated.  Any time you see any of the signs listed below, check your pooch for any problem.  While you’re at it check the body of your pet for any lesions, sores, crusty patches, cuts or bumps.

It’s important to take an interest in your pet’s health.  Especially with a long haired dog because often you cannot see what’s next to the skin.  You really have to go digging through the hair.  Sometimes it’s a good idea to clip the hair of a long haired canine so that you can treat the problem areas.

Here are the signs to look out for:

  1. ear odor
  2. redness
  3. swelling
  4. sores
  5. crusty inflammation
  6. broken cartilage
  7. ears that droop when they shouldn’t
  8. dogs that try to scratch their ears
  9. dogs who constantly shake their heads (this might be more serious condition so check with your vet)

Usually an infection can be easily cured by using a antibiotic obtained from the Vet.

Here are the names of common ointments to treat ear infections

  • Panalog
  • Dermavet
  • Animax

Ear Treatment for infected Canine ears is not that difficult but you must be persistent and consistent. , visit this page.