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Is your dog licking his feet or chewing his pads?

Is the entire foot wet and smelly from your dog licking and biting at his paws?

Why is my dog constantly chewing his feet and worrying about people touching them?

Dogs lick their feet to clean them but when the licking goes on for hours your can bet that there is something going on with that foot and you should have a look at it.  I always start by clipping away all the hair where the reddest part can be seen.  Short haired dogs don’t have this problem.  You can pretty much see everything.

After you have clipped the hair away, check for any splinters and bumps.  Some dogs will have blisters in between the pads.  Since the pads rub together, it just causes more irritation and licking.

Some of the possible causes of paw licking are listed here

1. Injuries
2. Splinters or pieces of glass in paw
3. burrs and weeds stuck in hair
4. Fungal infections such as yeast
5. Nail problems such as long nails
6. Matted hair
7. Dog licking paws until they are raw

I have two very hairy canines and their paws, especially between the pads, can get so hairy that the hair mats and causes an uncomfortable condition and you will notice it as the dog walks.  He might be limping or keep looking at his foot.  Or he will start licking his foot constantly.

This was happening to my little girl.  She kept licking her paws.  Most canines hate their paws being touched.  She is no exception.  In fact she throws a fit when I touch her feet so you have to be gentle and patient when dealing with a canines foot problem.

Other problems that are common with canines are nails that are too long.  If the nail is too long it keeps jamming it back into the dog’s foot causing pain.  So keep those nails trimmed.  If you can’t do it yourself, find a walk in groomer who will trim the nails for about $10.00.  I have a groomer who is in San Mateo and they will take in walk in nail trimming.

If your dog gets a splinter in his foot, the best thing to do is try to get it out yourself unless you can see that it’s really deep or very infected. Read more about splinters here:

Dog licking paws and dog chewing feet can be indicative of an anxiety the canine may have because of perhaps a change in her surroundings or just about any kind of change -  A canine will become nervous if things do not stay stable because they needs a natural, calm routine.  Break the routine and you might have a dog that will try to compensate for the change by showing signs of anxiety and anxiousness and yes even cats lick their paws when upset.

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