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Worms, why and how did they get into my puppy?

It’s a simple answer really.  Puppies have worms because when their mother starts lactating the worm larvae inside her body become active and get into the mother’s milk and into the puppies they go.

The worms in the mother are dormant until she starts lactating.  Then the larvae become activated just before she gives birth.  The worms travel to the milk and the puppies ingest the milk and the worms along with it .

There is just no getting around this.  Your puppies will get worms from their mother.

So you have to worm your puppy more than once.  Usually the breeder (a good breeder) will have wormed the puppies at least two times.  Then when you take your puppy to the vet, ask him about worming your puppy and how often after that as he gets older.

I sent away for a puppy from a breeder in Idaho.  I trusted her to have wormed my puppy but she obviously didn’t because my puppy started vomiting and out came two 2 inch round worms.  I was horrified and disgusted all at the same time.

My vet gave me some worming medicine and now the worms are gone.

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