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While walking my dogs the other day I came across a dog with pink fur on his feet.

I asked the owner why her dog had pink feet?

She didn’t know.  She did say her vet had told her that her dog had allergies and gave her some medicine to treat what looked like a yeast allergy.

Yeast allergies are concentrated in warm moist areas.  If these areas are infected they will itch and the dog will lick the area.

The dogs’ saliva turns the fur pink and the more he licks the more he will turn his fur pink.

Then you see pink fur under the chin. This is also from dog saliva.

Another area that often turns pink is under the tail.

Time to break out the yeast infection meds.  Which are the same kinds you can buy at the local drug store.  Do not let your dog lick the medicine so put an Elizabethan collar on your dog.

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