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Canine Hair Loss.

Dog Hair loss continued from previous page

Canine hair loss is very common sometime occurring in the summer and other times in the winter.  The first time it happens, treat it with a good canine shampoo and see if it comes back.  If it comes back again (sometimes it won’t) then treat it with instructions from your vet.

Canine Hair loss symptoms:

  1. Flakey skin
  2. Hair loss of top of the back near the tail
  3. Bald patches
  4. Bacterial Infections
  5. Hormonal causes
  6. Cushings Disease
  7. Mites
  8. Mange
  9. Dark Skin
  10. Biting and pulling out hair
  11. Chewing and licking the body until all the hair is gone.

It very simple to understand that if your dog is displaying hair loss symptoms then his skin is irritated enough to make him worry the area until the hair is removed and a bald spot appears.

Underneath the hair you might find very flaky skin.  In some canines you will find bald spots on the back near the tail.

You will also find areas on the dog that have turned very dark.  Sometimes in a dotted pattern or splotchy pattern.  This is pretty normal when skin is irritated and the dog has been licking it.

Usually the most common culprits are fleas and Mites.  Get a good flea shampoo, and I will warn you that practically all flea shampoos have poisons in them to kill the fleas.  Don’t let your pet ingest any of the poisons.  These poisons are sometimes the same poisons that are used in treating lawns.  So you get the idea.

If the shampoo makes your dog lethargic or not himself, stop using it.

Hormones can also cause hair loss.

Cushing’s disease can cause hair loss.  This is very serious so be sure to have your vet check for this disease.  It can kill your dog if not treated.

Mange looks like allergies but is really a insect that burrows under the skin and lives off the dog.  Let this go to far and some dogs will have to be euthanized.

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