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Hypoallergenic Dog Food - Buy the best.

From the many brands of hypoallergenic dog foods, there are only a few that measure up.

I took my brother to the store to buy hypoallergenic dog food and as we walked down the isle we were surprised to see so many different brands.

They were in all sizes of bags in bright colors stating that their dog was the best most nutritious and pure.  What a pack of lies!  No wonder there are so many dog allergies. DOGWBALL

How do you know the dog food you are buying is the best?

I showed my brother where to look to find out just what was in each bag.  We picked up bag after bag of kibble and most of the main ingredient was corn.  I don't know about you but none of my dogs went out of their way to eat corn.  Yeah maybe the kind buttered and salted and right off my plate but not the poor quality corn that is usually reserved for cattle feed.

Not only was corn the main ingredient but wheat was also highly prominent.  Why do we keep our farmers from growing crops?   In fact we pay them to not grow crops and then turn around and buy poisoned grain (wheat) from China?

This is what happened in the Dog Food Recall.  Poisoned wheat was bought from Canada who had purchased it's wheat from China.

I don't trust or advise buying dog kibble from pet shops or markets.  Do your homework and find hypoallergenic kibble with more wholesome ingredients from the internet.  Many different dog food makers are out there and many are happy to send you samples and you can read the ingredients right on the internet.  Without dog allergies our lives would indeed be simpler.

Or you could make good hypoallergenic food for your dog in your own kitchen

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