Bleeding and cracked paw pads

Dogs run and play and sometimes in the winter, especially, their paw pads become cracked and even start to bleed

You see this a lot with sled dogs.  Ice can cut a dogs paws so in winter watch your dogs paws and take appropriate action if the pads become so cracked that bleeding occurs.

The best way to deal with cracked paws is to put moisture back into the dog’s foot.

This can be accomplished by buying an over the counter moisturizer at your local drug store.  It should be thick and rich with lanolin.  The most famous of these for animals is called Bag Balm and it’s original use was to keep the chafing and irritation down to a minimum on milk cows.

It worked to well on the milkman’s hands the company decided to market it in drug stores.  I know we have it here at all the pharmacies.

After applying the moisurizer on your dog’s paws, cover them up with a sock and some vet wrap to keep them on the paws.  Sometimes an Elizabethan collar has to be used.  I know my dogs would just rip the bandage off and start licking which is what we don’t want to happen.

Do this a couple of times a day and rest your dog or walk him in his boots.  You can find dog boots at the local pet shop.

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