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Give your dog a bath!
dog allergies

Why? Well here are the reasons to give your pooch a bath.

You should give your pet a bath when he either becomes too smelly to stand or he looks dirty.  If you give your canine a bath too often their coats lose the natural oils and looks dull and not shiny anymore.

I went to a grooming salon one day just to learn about how a dog groomer gives a bath and was surprised to see how they did it.

First the pet is placed into a big bathtub that has been raised off the floor so that your back doesn’t take a beating.

The coat is soaked to the skin in tepid water, not cold and not hot.  The shampoo is worked into the coat first.  Do not wet the head until the very last moment.  A dog shakes because he has water in his ears.  That’s why they do it last.

Shampoo once and rinse and then shampoo again.  Now wet the dog’s head being careful not to get any water in their ears or eyes.  Take baby shampoo and work it through the hair on the head.

Finally rinse him off for the final time and rinse the head being careful to keep the soap and water out of the eyes and ears.

Let your dog drain a bit if he has a long coat.  Then get a big towel and rub him until he is somewhat dry.  Pay careful attention to the ears and take a soft flannel cloth and wipe out any water in the ear.  This is a good time to check for ear infections.

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