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Vet misdiagnoses IBS as dog food allergies for 10 years.

I have a terrier who has always had stomach problems.

You  could see that he would be uncomfortable and in pain but the vets could never find any thing wrong with him so they told me he had dog food allergies .

I tried every single dog kibble on the market.  Finally I had to buy the vet approved and sold only at vet hospitals, Hills prescription diet.

Even though I bought the kibble the vet suggested, my terrier continued to have digestive problems.  Every 2 to 3 days he would lose his appetite and stop eating and drinking.  His stomach would growl and make noise and he would come to me so that I could rub his stomach.  He never  asked to have his stomach to rubbed if he was feeling good.  He's not a touchy-feely kind of dog.  He won't sit still for very long for a hug or to be held.  But when he felt bad he would come over to me with his head down and roll over on his back so that I could rub his tummy.

If I could catch it early enough and if I could get him to drink some milk the stomach problem would be averted.  I would tell the vet and still because all of their tests were negative, they insisted it was a food allergy.

Finally after his latest bought of stomach problems turned into Pancreatitis I took him off the kibble and the most amazing thing happened.  He stopped getting sick. My husband wants to give him some chicken breast or some fresh fish but I hesitated and kept him on straight canned food.

I believe there is some additive or food in the kibble that is not in canned food.  And I believe the kibble is the culprit.

The aggravating thing about all of this is that no one (I've been to 7 vets) have able to find out what is wrong.  The closest I've come to a reliable and caring doctor is the doctors of Adobe Animal Hospital in Los Altos, Ca. They have said that he probably has IBS and Colitis and a diseased stomach.

I believe my dog has a serious stomach problem probably contracted from a disease when he was just a baby. I noticed he would get sick as soon as I brought him home from the pet shop at less than 3 months old.

Never buy a dog from a pet shop.

Not that I would condone the incredible proliferation of puppies being sold on the internet.  Don't do that either!  Find a breeder and visit the business because that's what it is, a business.  It's not dogs bred in loving homes and treated like family.  Then you see pictures of puppies being held and loved by 10 year old children inside the home. It's not like that at all.  It's a business and there are kennels made of wire and runs made of concrete (at the best) to keep the dogs clean and to make their job easier (because it's a business).

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