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Serious diseases can often mask themselves as dog allergies. dog-allergy2

Please be careful that you don’t overlook a condition because you think it might be dog allergies from pollen or food.

I was told for many years that my pet’s dog allergies were from dog food and I needed to keep trying out the latest and greatest dog food from crummy companies who package and sell to the buyer and who could care less what kind of nutrition was in the bag or can.

I had to go to a lot of vets to find out that they couldn’t really figure out what was wrong with my dog.  They did all the tests, gave out lots of pills, sold me a lot of really expensive dog food and nothing much happened.

My dog still would get sick about every 5 days or so.  I started talking to my  doctor, who is pretty cool dude.  I would ask him about symptoms (not mentioning my dog) and I talked to dog owners who had some of the same problems with their dogs.

I figured out that there is something wrong with my dog inside his body.  I don’t know that they can see it on a x-ray and since it is so random they couldn’t tell from the blood tests.

I got so sick of them handing out pills just to see if something would stick that I felt like I should go to vet school just to find out what they are teaching these vets.  They seem more likely to sell you expensive dog food because they can’t find anything wrong with your dog or they can not pin it down.

I don’t have much faith in Vet’s anymore.  I’ve been to so many but when my dog started bleeding internally they literally saved his life.  A normal blood platelet count is around 150,000 to 200,000 and when they saw my dog his blood platelet count was 11,000.  He was at deaths door.  He had been bleeding internally for about 4 days and then one night he started throwing up all this blood.

So my best advice I can give you is to make sure that the dog allergies are really dog allergies and not something very serious.  My dog is 10 years old now and I honestly didn’t think he’d make it this long.  I really love this dog.  If I could clone him I would because I would be ready to deal with what would be wrong with him.  He is that special and I’ve had dogs all my 60 years and he is one in a million.

dog allergies and dog food allergies - are they making your dog sick?

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